About Atlas Chiropractic Body Clinic

Atlas Chiropractic Body Clinic is located in Northcote & Fitzroy North and offers treatment services designed based upon individual patient presentation and clinical findings to help with your symptoms and pain. The type of treatment techniques applied by our Chiropractors are specific to individual needs to help reduce pain, prevent injury and restore optimal body function. Our practitioners are registered Chiropractor’s with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

    At Atlas Chiropractic, the following principles guide our best-practice care for you:

    1. Care should be patient centered. This includes Chiropractic that responds to the individual context of the patient, employs effective communication and uses shared decision-making processes.
    2. We will screen patients to identify those with a higher likelihood of serious pathology/red flag conditions.
    3. We will assess psycho-social factors relevant to your presentation.
    4. Radiological imaging is discouraged unless:
      1. Serious pathology is suspected.
      2. There has been an unsatisfactory response to conservative care or unexplained progression of signs and symptoms.
      3. It is likely to change management.
    5. We will undertake a physical examination, which could include neurological screening tests, assessment of mobility and/or muscle strength.
    6. We will evaluate patient progress including the use of outcome measures.
    7. We will provide patients with education/information about their condition and management options.
    8. We will provide management addressing physical activity and/or exercise.
    9. We will apply manual therapy only as an adjunct to other evidence-based treatments.

    The modalities used at Atlas Chiropractic Body Clinic include chiropractic manipulations, nutritional advice, inversion therapy, rehabilitation, exercise programs, and physiological therapeutic soft tissue techniques.

    1. Unless specifically indicated, we will offer evidence-informed non-surgical care prior to surgery.
    2. We will facilitate continuation or resumption of work