Dr Lucas Roberts



Dr. Lucas Roberts is an enthusiastic chiropractor with a passion for health and helping patients achieve their desired health outcomes. Dr. Lucas graduated with distinction from RMIT University with a double bachelor degree in health science and applied science (Chiropractic).

Lucas was first introduced to Chiropractic at a young age following a lower back injury that was successfully managed with Chiropractic. During Lucas’ early teenage years he sustained a significant wrist injury following a skateboarding fall. 3 months of wrist pain was quickly resolved with one chiropractic treatment. This experience solidified Lucas’ decision to become a Chiropractor.

Lucas utilises a range of techniques including Chiropractic manual adjustments, soft tissue massage, joint mobilisations, pelvic blocking, activator and rehabilitative exercises. Lucas’ professional goals are to educate, empower and equip patients with the tools to take greater control of their health, in addition to reducing the frequency and severity of pain and symptoms.

In his spare time Lucas is a keen musician who often plays live music in small bars across Melbourne. His passion for guitar, bass and drumming spills over into chiropractic. Lucas has a special interest in serving the musical community by improving posture and reducing pains and niggles often associated with playing musical instruments.

Lucas is a registered Chiropractor with the Australian Heath Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and a member of the Australian Chiropractic Association (ACA) and is able to offer private health refund, DVA, TAC and WorkCover rebates.