Development of Lower Back Pain

Jul 22, 2019

Category: Chiropractic Northcote

A new study found that people with “sway back” have an increased risk of developing lower back pain from disc bulges.

Conclusions: “The increased level of forward shear generated in moderately sloping lumbar segments when compressed was abnormally damaging to the lateral regions of the disc annulus. This is consistent with the view that shear differentially loads the oblique-counter oblique fibre sets in the lateral annulus, increasing its vulnerability to early disruption and overt herniation”

Sapiee NH et al. Sagittal Alignment with Downward Slope of the Lower Lumbar Motion Segment Influences its Modes of Failure in Direct Compression: A Mechanical and Microstructural Investigation. Spine (Phila PA 1976). 2019 Feb 25