I’ve never had any Chiropractic or Massage treatment before….If it’s not broken why fix it?

Aug 16, 2019

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One of my favourite patients to see as a Chiropractor is the one who has never had any treatment done previously and is suffering from chronic pain.

Recently I had a patient who was referred by her GP after suffering from debilitating headaches and constant pain throughout her body for over a year. After meeting her, I could see she was very distressed about the pain but also apprehensive about seeking Chiropractic treatment.

The patient told me that the GP had suggested she come, they had given me a timeframe of three weeks to make a change to her symptoms and if her pain did not subside she was being referred to a neurologist.

After taking a thorough health history and performing orthopaedic and neurological testing I had diagnosed her with a musculoskeletal condition called myofascial pain syndrome (myofascial pain syndrome is a chronic pain disorder. In this condition, pressure on sensitive points in your muscles (trigger points) causes pain in the muscle and sometimes in seemingly unrelated parts of your body. … This syndrome typically occurs after a muscle has been contracted repetitively)

These postural issues slowly led to segmental joint dysfunction in her neck and mid back which were contributing to the constant pain she was experiencing.

After spending time together I explained and educated her on her posture, muscles and her skeleton. Together we devised a plan that would hopefully see her symptoms decrease within a week. This evidence based approach involved a detailed postural analysis, functional/orthopedic and neurological testing, cervical and thoracic manipulation, soft tissue therapy, dry needling (see below picture), rehabilitation exercises, postural advice, diet and supplementation recommendations and included the use of physical therapeutics like hot/cold therapy.

When people come into my clinic unaware of what i can teach them, what they themselves can achieve with a little education and knowledge and walk out feeling empowered and in control of their bodies again; this always reminds me of why I choose the Chiropractic profession.

Chiropractic treatment is exciting to the new patient as it opens their eyes to possibilities and gives them hope again. So if you’re experiencing chronic pain and have never tried Chiropractic treatment before, reach out and make contact with the clinic at or contact 0425 543 513 for a discussion about how we can work together to overcome whatever aches and pains you may be experiencing.

Dr Simone Schapke
Atlas Chiropractic Body Clinic
486 High Street, Northcote VIC 3070

Dry Needling prior to Chiropractic treatment helps relax the muscles prior to the adjustment