Massage Therapy South Yarra | Remedial & Deep Tissue

Massage Therapy South Yarra

Atlas Chiropractic offer massage therapy to local residents in South Yarra & surrounding suburbs.

Our treatment covers areas of concern and referral pain. We apply a variety of specialised therapeutic techniques that encourages optimal health for the entire body, promotes circulation, healing, relaxation and muscle release.

Specialised Massage Treatments Provided

Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Traditional Thai, Remedial, Pregnancy massage, Posture & Movement Analysis and Correction, Cupping Therapy, Foot Massage and Extremity Massage (Feet, Hands, Neck and Scalp).

Why do you need Massage Therapy?

Massage is one of oldest forms of physical medication, it’s main purpose is to relax the tissue and increase circulation and oxygen in the blood. It also helps with pain relief. We use the technique of manipulating the soft tissues of the body; including muscles, ligament, joints & tendons.

Massage Therapy South Yarra
remedial massage South Yarra
massage South Yarra

Massage Can Treat A Range Of Conditions

Muscular cramps
Hypertonic & tender muscles
Headache and Migraine
Sore Neck
Low back pain
Sciatica & nerve pain
Pelvic pain, hip and leg pain
Disc injury
Sport injuries
Postural strain
Frozen shoulder
Tennis elbow
Golfer’s elbow

Benefit of massage

Warming the body with massage prior to Chiropractic care is beneficial to help improve all chiropractic treatments and improve our bodies ability to hold the changes that occur after a chiropractic adjustment for a longer period of time.

Our Chiropractors and Massage Therapists use a variety of different treatment techniques to compliment other clinical services. This ensure we get the best results for patients to heal, reduce pain, and provide muscular relaxation to the entire body.

Massage Services Provided

Remedial/Relaxation/Thai Massage: 30 min, 60 min or 90 min appointments
Foot Massage: 40 mins
Extremities Massage (Feet, Hands, Neck and Scalp):
60 mins

Types of Massage We Offer

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage aims for a state of physical, mental and/or emotional relaxation. Generally lighter and more flowing massage techniques will be used, and other treatment types may be included, such as aromatherapy or manual lymphatic drainage. Just about any massage system can be adapted for relaxation purposes, and often the treatment experience is just as important – if not more so – than the end result. The practitioner aims to provide low-intensity and pain-free experience for the client, and will usually treat the whole body.

This type of massage is best suited to people who do not have specific injuries or conditions to treat, who may be physically sensitive or just need to unwind.

Deep Tissue Massage

A firmer and more intense form of massage, Deep Tissue generally involves heavier pressure to work deep into the muscles and relieve tension. This type of treatment is often used to treat conditions which arise from athletic pursuits or strenuous physical work, although Deep Tissue can also treat chronic ailments from sedentary work or lifestyle. Often the result of a deep tissue massage can be more important than the treatment experience, although some people just prefer a more intense massage.

While Deep Tissue is often used to treat specific injury locations, it can be used as a full-body massage. It is also very useful as a post-even athletic treatment.

Traditional Thai Massage

Massage has been a part of Thai medicine for centuries, and has its’ roots in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. The methodology behind this ancient system is based on Sen (energy) lines, of which there are many thousands throughout the human body. Treatment techniques involved a combination of heavy pressure and joint mobilization, with the practitioner utilizing their thumbs, fingertips, palms, elbows, knees and even feet, as well as manipulating the client’s limbs, head and spine through their range of motion. 

Massage lotions are rarely, if ever, used, as treatment typically occurs with the client fully dressed. Thai massage is traditionally practiced on a mat at floor level, although it can easily be adapted for a conventional massage table.

Remedial Massage

Here the main consideration – for both practitioner and client – is the end result of a treatment, rather than the experience. Remedial massage is used to treat acute or chronic conditions to the muscles and fascia, to specific injury sites and surrounding areas. Communication between practitioner and client is paramount, as the practitioner will aim to not only treat the symptoms of the client’s symptoms but to help find and address the root cause of the condition.  

A wide variety of techniques from any massage system may be employed, as well as tools such as cupping or dry needling, and a treatment session will usually include assessments of posture and movement.

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