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Pregnancy Chiropractor Princes Hill

Chiropractic care is gentle and effective for treating women throughout their pregnancy, and may be helpful in reducing back pain and discomfort, decreasing stress and tension, promoting deeper and more restful sleep, and improving nervous system function, as well as mobility and flexibility. Our Princes Hill chiropractors perform a thorough history and provides skilled assessments to create a tailored management plan. In conjunction with chiropractic adjustments, our chiropractors offer advice on home care exercises to help promote healthy posture, nutritional recommendations to help promote a balanced lifestyle and rehabilitation exercises to improve muscle strength.

Pregnancy Chiropractic Princes Hill
Pregnancy Chiro Princes Hill

Pregnancy is a unique and powerful experience that results in enormous physical, hormonal and emotional changes over a relatively short period of time. Not only does the added weight of the abdomen cause your centre of gravity to change, the influx of hormones softens your body’s ligaments and causes your spine and pelvis to become more flexible. As a result, postural changes – including an increase in the low and mid back curves – will increase stress on your spine and may lead to a range of symptoms, such as:

Our Princes Hill pregnancy chiropractors offer gentle techniques to help alleviate your symptoms throughout all stages of your pregnancy. More importantly, Chiropractic care is drug-free so you can rest assured that your symptoms can be improved without any impact on the health of your baby. The birth process can be traumatic for both the mother and the baby, and Chiropractic care is an effective treatment. After you give birth, the body not only has to recover from the changes made during the pregnancy but also from the effects of the delivery. On top of this, there is the demanding job of caring for a newborn! Your Princes Hill chiropractor can help correct changes that have occurred during your pregnancy, labour and delivery, as well as assess and treat symptoms that may arise as a result of your new daily tasks, such as breastfeeding, moving car seats, reaching over cots or bassinets, or carrying a child on one hip.

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Pregnancy Chiropractor Princes Hill