What are the signs and symptoms of a herniated disc? Chiropractic Condition of the Month

Mar 26, 2020

Category: Northcote Chiropractic

We understand what a disc herniation is, as well as what causes them. For this post, we’ll look at what signs and symptoms are present for this condition.

When a disc herniation is present, various signs and symptoms maybe present. If the disc herniation compresses onto the nerve roots of our spine, it can cause pain, numbness and tingling, overactive

reflexes, and muscle weakness/spasms around the site of injury, or down the arm/leg. It is also possible to have a stiff neck/lower back and decrease in walking ability (antalgic gait). The complaint may be relieved when standing up or leaning backwards, whereas sitting down, bending forward/twisting may aggravate your symptoms.

It is possible for someone to have a disc herniation that does not cause any signs and symptoms. This is generally called a disc bulge, where the bulge itself does not compress onto the nerve roots.

Just because you experience these signs/symptoms, does not mean you have a disc herniation. This is why it is important to consult your Chiropractor for further evaluation, as well as develop an appropriate management plan to not only help with the healthy process of the herniation, but also develop some movement strategies to help incorporate proper stability/control in the affected region.

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